Bridge Out Battle

Welcome to Bridge Out Battle, or BOB for short. This is a team based PVP map where 2 opposing teams must bridge out to the other side and wipe them out using a great deal of strategy and cunning before the temple destroys everyone.

The Jugglers Balls

A ridiculous map with a ridiculous premise. It also lasts only about 20 minutes which is longer than most married couples can have... Woah almost went into PG13 territory there which is pretty much what this map is all about. It's got a juggler, he's got balls. He juggles them.

The Adventure Multiplex 2: The Village

The sequel to the original crowd sourced map and made by a mountain of different builders. With 10-15+ hours of gameplay, it the NEWEST Jigarbov Production map and one of the best looking for sure! GET IT NOW!

Simburbia Teaser #16 Residential Plots + Scenes from Beta City

All about residential plots! It shows the different ways the residential plots interact with other plots. Pretty self explanatory really. Here’s a list! Industrial +1 – Residential -1 Residential +1 – Residential +1 Commercial +1 – Residential +1 As you can see, residents have a positive effect on everything! Yay for residents! Every weekend from…

Simburbia Teaser #15 Griefer Disaster + Simburbia Dreamin’ Music Video!

This video is demonstrating one of the random disasters that can occur. The Griefer Disaster is a unique one because it leaves behind damage and destruction after the griefers have come and gone… just like normal griefers… It drastically reduces the last value of 3 plots, throws some TNT on it AND dumps the lava…

Simburbia Teaser #14 Optimisation Update

Over the last couple of snapshot updates there have been a bunch of new commands. I have been rewriting a lot of command blocks and other optimisations to make the whole map run a lot faster, better and smoother. Here are a few of them, the clunky audit system is now gone! woohoo! Every weekend…

Simburbia Teaser #13 City Dump

One of the first great works project that you will unlock is the city dump. It’s got a few special things about it, but most importantly is that it’s an alternate place where you can get an income. By throwing out your trash, you can get cash. I’ll tell you a secret, it is random…

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